The incredible amazing properties of shunghite with scientific basis.

New movements in spirituality are often presenting the ancient and often forgotten knowledge as something new. Today, however we have the advantage of science to focus objectively on the anecdotal evidence of the past. Stones are now being promoted by the new age movements as having specific energies, so how do these claims stand up to science?

Have you ever wondered why royalty, the wealthy and others collect precious stones? Do they collect these stones for their rarity and beauty or do they have other desirable attributes? In ancient times stones both precious and semi-precious were reputed to have powers or energies. In the bible the twelve stones on the priest Aaron's breastplate represented the twelve tribes of Israel and were referred to in several chapters as having protective powers. Worldwide, indigenous people have held stones as sacred especially quartz crystals. These crystals were shamanic tools used in healing and for navigation of other dimensions.

Today, technology is largely based on the silicon chip which is essentially quartz, a silicon dioxide. The old quartz crystal radio receivers and seventeen jewel watches that kept time without batteries are just a couple of examples of how stone energies pioneered the exponential growth of technology based on reception of wave frequency. Ancient lore maintained that quartz crystals amplified intention, received and transmitted thought, and held information acting as a memory in stone. These same characteristics of quartz are being used to amplify, receive, transmit frequency and store information. Quartz, the most plentiful mineral on earth is only one example of one stone's potential. Presently rare and exoti? minerals are being mined to build new technology that is even more powerful in it's capacities.

If stones can affect technology how can they affect us? Do we ourselves receive and transmit and if so, can we interface with the specific mineral combinations known as stones? Do we have a unique frequency signature? Are we capable of being programmed like a quartz? The answer to all those questions is yes.

For a long time modern science has known that all things have their own signature frequency including each one of us as individuals. As DNA is unique to each person so is our frequency. Do we carry memory, even programs beyond that of this lifetime? Yes, science now knows our DNA stores the memories and patterns of our ancestors, called epigenetics. Furthermore, science now knows that DNA is not static but changes with experience, like an imprinting or overlay.

The fact that we are programmable is also scientifically well known. The synapses in our brain connect when stimulated and form new programs. This is called the “if it fires together it wires together” principle. However, unlike technology or stimuli stones do not program our malleable minds they simply give off their frequency and we resonate with it.

We contain many of the same elements as stones so we resonate with frequency signatures of the mineral world. We also process information like plants using recently discovered bio-photonic light information systems. The ancient Druids for instance corresponded with the frequency of trees in their esoteric spiritual life. Science views things like plants and minerals as separate compartments but our ancient ancestors knew that according to universal law all is inter connected.

All phenomenon has a frequency and interacts through frequency. If a tuning fork is hit to ring a high C when it's held close to another untouched tuning fork, that fork will begin to ring with a high C frequency as well. This is the like attracts like resonance function. The resonance principle is why stones in a person's general proximity or on one's person have an effect on them. A person will begin to resonate at the same frequency as the stone. When a higher frequency is in our proximity such as singing birds, crashing waves, clean air, beautiful colours, fragrances, or positive emotions, we rise up to the frequency being transmitted and feel better for it. When we are exposed to low frequencies such as bad smells we reject and leave it's proximity. Rising up to the higher frequency is the law of nature but we are free to resist the natural inclination to rise up. It is as everything a matter of free will.

Now, we must look at how shape affects us because the minerals that form a stone have specific atomic configurations and the arrangement of that atomic blueprint has a specific shape. The ancients knew and practiced the energy of shapes and knew that shapes affect us, this is called sacred geometry. Certain shapes and measurement ratios were seen by our ancestors as forms that generated energy. If anyone doubts this principle they need to look into why airplanes and birds can fly. The kinetic energy of air flowing over their shape causes lift due to the molecular trade off that occurs in the air's molecules which get a lighter atomic weight under the wing. Shapes affect energy and certain shapes and arrangements of shapes known in sacred geometry are very powerful.

Sacred geometric resonance will align with all other sacred geometrical forms in it's vicinity. Our bodies for example are measured in proportions of a sacred geometry known as the Fibonacci ratio, or spiral of life. Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Persians, Hebrews, Babylonians, ancient Mesopotamians, and many more used the golden ratio known as Phi in their architecture to enhance proportion, stability and beauty in it's form. Human faces and bodies that reflect a close alignment with this ratio are universally thought of as beautiful.

The Egyptians built the pyramids according to the Pi ratio. The pyramid shape when built to very specific measurements will generate energy and enhance life force. Pyramid Power a book by Patrick Flanagan explains the mechanics of the pyramid in detail. The ancients were well versed in math, shapes and proportions of nature. There are thousands of ancient pyramids spread across the world.

Nassim Haramein, a modern physicist recently mathematically proved the power of shapes in the form of sacred geometry. His lectures can be seen on YouTube where he demonstrates how math and shapes form energetic patterns. He has opened a whole new paradigm in physics with his mathematically proven theories of shape and energy. His work validated the sacred geometry of the ancients as his math configures the same shapes and principles they knew about.

The point is, all stones have atomic configurations which form very specific shapes of pure elements and these elemental constructs have specific energies when combined in powerful shapes that go well beyond the energy created by one single element. As with herbal medicines the active ingredient may well be part of a compound of over thirty elements which combined create an effect that the single active ingredient will not have.

Without the interference of assumptions and beliefs we always “frequent the frequencies” that are beneficial and enhance our survival. If however, we lower our frequency willfully or thoughtlessly we will eventually through repetition prefer the low frequency environment. The reply of the devil in the epic poem Milton's Paradise Lost when he was cast down to hell illustrates this concept perfectly. "Our torments will become our elements." This phenomenon of getting used to unhealthy frequencies is why stones were used by the ancients to raise our frequency even when surrounded by chaos.

Ancient megalithic stone circles are found throughout the world. These huge standing stones such as Stonehenge in England were used by the ancient Britons to observe the cosmos. The stones were also placed over the “ley lines” specifically on the nodal points of earth's energy grid which are earth current lines that lie underground. We cannot know for sure what exactly was going on with these stone circles so long ago but in Australia the aborigines had stone circles as well and continue to use them. According to Australian aborigine Gunai Man (shaman) Wayne Thorpe, “we use it to track certain astronomical features throughout the year.” Thorpe observes an ancient circle over Lake Tyers and it is thought that, “indigenous astronomy preceded ancient Greece and Egypt by millenia,” source, ABC Australia. Apparently indigenous history charts the course of what are known as variable stars which subtlety change in brightness. The existence of these stars takes continuous observation and they were only tracked in the West 200 years ago. Thorpe keeps the tradition of his ancestor's observation of the Magellanic Clouds, a satellite galaxy orbiting the Milky Way the aborigines call the “ancestor's camp.” For this discussion regarding stone energies the stone circles are a detour from the pure science here being discussed as they are as yet an enigma and deserve their own deeper consideration. They seem to point more in the direction of astronomy and earth grid energy which stones were used to mark, track and perhaps channel.

Back to stone energies, the best stone to illustrate how amazing stone energies are is a new stone on the scene of rock hounds called shunghite from Karelia in Russia. It is an unremarkable looking black stone but it's properties are revolutionizing science. Shunghite or shunghite was known to the locals as a purifier. The Russian Czars went to Karelia for medicinal baths in a lake there with a shunghite lake bed.

Through the lens of modern science it has been discovered that shunghite is composed of atoms of carbon cages called fullerenes or "bucky balls" named after the Nobel prize winning architect Buckminster Fuller famous for his geodesic dome structures. The carbon fullerene molecule looks like a soccer ball with the characteristic hexagonal forms composing a sphere. It's building block is carbon sixty, a very stable molecule.

Shunghite's carbon structure has a strong relation to diamond and graphite, the third known form of crystalline carbon but it's fullerene molecules are unique and have literally opened the eyes of the scientific community to a myriad of possibilities. In 1985 shunghite's fullerenes were "discovered" by Robert Curl and Richard Smalley who went on to win the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1996 for their research on shunghite.

In 1991 Science magazine called fullerenes, "the molecule of the year and the discovery most likely to shape the course of scientific research in years ahead. In 1992 in the New York Times article by Malcolm W. Browne, this prediction was echoed saying shunghite "has created a new chemistry dimension." Lab studies in Russia and the United States have shown shunghite fullerenes acting as super-conductors i.e. they conduct current without resistance. Fullerenes are today being used in electronics, nanotechnology, and pharmacy.

Fullerenes resonate in the infra-red spectrum with all forms of living matter which corroborates the esoteric claim that shunghite has an effect over the entire quantum field of all organic life. In Russia shunghite is used to treat deep trauma as it attenuates the electromagnetic emissions of trauma that produce trauma in our brain. It is also used to make wireless frequencies compatible to organic life processes meaning our own biological signals by attenuating not blocking the signal.

It has been noted that in water shunghite "attracts and neutralizes waterborne contaminants" because "fullerenes hold a tremendous amount of hydrogen and therefore have a high anti-oxidant capacity." Further, according to researcher Nancy Hopkins,, author of Cosmic Reality the spin on the carbon 60 molecule of shunghite is “the fastest field of any molecule studied.” As we face the horrible extinction of bees due to WIFI and certain pesticides Nancy Hopkins and colleagues are successfully reviving hives using shunghite.

It is however impossible to protect all life forms from the bombardment of the synthetic frequencies and pollution with shunghite. Stone's message to us and the energy it exercises upon us is to re-align us with the frequency of nature. Stones are about empowerment.